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Evoland II Review: This is a Tribute
4 out of 5 Stars! Evoland II isn’t just an homage, it’s a love letter to a decade and a half of gaming. It draws its inspiration from such classics as Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana, and even Double Dragon. For someone like myself, who has been gaming since... Read more
Racing for Rupees

Racing for Rupees

Videos September 13, 2015 0

An amazing Zelda video by Callegos-Y.   Read more
Better with a Beard: 5 Video Game Characters Who Would Benefit from Facial Hair
Beards.  They’re scientifically proven to help make anyone go from hopeless ninny to unabashed badass.  Look to your neighborhood lumberjacks, UFC fighters, homeless people, Greek Gods…all of whom are the epitome of cool, thanks to their epic facial locks of love.  Ask the great Chuck Norris or the incomparable... Read more
Bearded Ryu is the best Ryu

Bearded Ryu is the best Ryu

News September 2, 2015 0

  Don’t be mistaken, the new bearded Ryu in the “Battle Costume” pre-order skin for Street Fighter V is not actually me, it is Ryu with a beard, but I can see why the confusion.  Other Characters in Street Fighter V have pre-order battle costumes, but Ryu reminds me of me,... Read more
Ark: Survivor Evolved and more free weeked
FREE GAMES! Well, kind of. This weekend only, Steam will have at least 4 games free for you to play, with a huge discount if you decide that you would actually like to buy. The four games included are ARK: Survival Evolved, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2,... Read more
Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy mode revealed
In Star wars Battlefront, there are many different types of multiplayer modes, one in particular being Supremacy mode. Supremacy mode falls into the Heroes and Villains fight category. The objective of Supremacy mode is to gain control of all five, or the majority, or the control points that are... Read more
Dungeons and Dragons MOVIE!! ….here we go again.
Dungeons & Dragons: the movie. I know, I know, instant shivers and flashbacks of seeing the awful 2010 movie and the subsequent sequels, but this time we have been promised something different, and we just might get it. Hasbro, owner of D&D, have come to an agreement with Warner... Read more