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GravBlocks+ About to Enter Lotcheck, Has an October Release Window GravBlocks+ About to Enter Lotcheck, Has an October Release Window

Our dear listeners and readers may recall that we recently did an interview with members Nick and Sean of From Nothing Game Studios, the creative minds behind the upcoming Wii U title GravBlocks+.  Since then, development of the unique puzzle title has kicked into high gear and the game is nearing completion!  We have here, in our hot little hands, the official press release for GravBlocks+.  Remember to visit the Official WebsiteFacebook and Twitter pages for updates and more information (you could be the lucky recipient of a free download code!!!).  Also, when October rolls in and we have a more precise release date, buy a copy and play it.




BLOOMINGTON, MN – September 15th, 2014 – From Nothing Game Studios is thrilled to announce their completely overhauled debut title, GravBlocks (for Android), in the newly rebuilt, high-definition form of GravBlocks+ exclusively to the Wii UTM console. Utilizing many of the unique features and strengths that make Wii U such a versatile game device, GravBlocks+ offers a truly original match-three puzzle experience balanced enough for casual players, but challenging enough for seasoned gamers. GravBlocks+ offers both touch-screen controls and traditional button controls which have been carefully optimized for both thoughtful play and high-intensity puzzle action.

GravBlocks+ is built around a unique gameplay mechanic not found in other match-three puzzle games:  Changing Gravity.  Using “Gravity Blocks,” players can change the gravitational orientation of the gameplay arena in order to increase Score Multipliers, complete tasks, and solve puzzles.  However, there are dangers in the walls—Destruction Hazards will nullify any Score Multiplier earned if blocks fall into them when gravity changes, so players must plan carefully to change gravity after activating a Wild Block, which temporarily closes those deadly hazards!  This simple concept has spawned five unique and challenging gameplay modes.

The all-new Wii U-exclusive Story Mode sees players abducted by alien jerks and challenged with moving through levels by solving a series of tasks.  Five gray aliens in all-new Wii U exclusive backgrounds will bring ever-increasing challenges, sets of challenges, and faster drop rates and a story that turns the classic alien abduction trope on its head!  Story mode features 90 levels of puzzle mayhem that challenge both reflexes and attention.


Challenge Mode, the classic falling-block style mode, has been revamped from the previous Android version to allow smoother gameplay, as well as faster and more exciting level progression.  Challenge Mode gradually increases in speed, the number of open Destruction Hazards, block types, and difficulty the longer players are engaged in the game. It also features both local and online leaderboards.  Challenge Mode has also been optimized to allow players to play well beyond level 30 for as long as they can manage.


Zen Mode is a modification of Challenge Mode in that the only major difference is that the difficulty never increases so players are able to simply relax in a haze of block-clearing serenity, or an ever-present frantic challenge, if they so wish.  There are thirty difficulty levels available to choose from, and there are also Leaderboards for this mode.

Destruction Mode is a reversal of Challenge.  Rather than trying to build scores or earn Score Multipliers, players simply try to clear the stage of blocks as quickly as possible—including deliberately dropping them into Destruction Hazards.  In this mode, rather than closing Hazards, the Wild Block will actually open a full wall, allowing a player to use Gravity Blocks to clear the screen in a single move.


Puzzle Mode has returned and receives 50 additional extremely challenging puzzles, for a total of 150, exclusive to Wii U.  Rather than the frantic gameplay pace of Challenge Mode, or the twitchy attention to detail required in Story Mode, the Puzzles are a thinking gamer’s challenge where thoughtful planning is required to clear all the blocks on-screen within a set number of moves.


Beyond these five challenging gameplay modes, GravBlocks+ has been completely overhauled for the Wii U version and features over a dozen unlockables, a refined menu system, new block and background graphics, upgraded high-definition graphics, new audio, 80 Accomplishments (which are used for unlocking in-game graphics), and gameplay on both the TV or off-screen on the Wii U™  GamePad.

GravBlocks+ will be available soon on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Be sure to check out GravBlocks+ screenshots, videos, and news as they become available, from fngstudios.com after release.  The official page for GravBlocks+ is found at fromnothinggamestudios.com/games/gravblocks.

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