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Vote for Wonder Red! Vote for Wonder Red!

Smash fans are well aware at this point that Nintendo has asked for our suggestions regarding potential New Challengers.  By going here, we’ve been given the opportunity to finally have our voices heard in an official capacity.  Finally, all of our nerdy begging and dreaming is going to actually count for something.  Not that Nintendo is holding a popularity contest that will guarantee a character a spot on the roster, but it looks as though Nintendo and the Smash team are serious about taking fan input into account.  We’ve all probably already sent in our votes, and countless of you have likely sent in your pointless votes for Ridley…or Goku…or Shrek…or Bigley.  Those of you with common sense have undoubtedly sent in votes for Isaac (Golden Sun) or Bayonetta, or some of you less-imaginative types may have gone with veterans on the cutting floor (like Roy or Pichu).  For those of you that HAVEN’T voted yet, I urge you to do what I did and cast a vote for the lead character in one of the Wii U’s underrated gems; Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101!

Already a popular choice across the internet, I was personally cheering for Wonder Red’s inclusion while SSB was still in development.  The Wonderful 101 is a criminally underrated game and was largely ignored by the majority of the Wii U audience.  It didn’t help that several publications couldn’t get a handle on the game’s controls, and it was subject to mostly sub-par reviews across the board.  Thanks to a lack of fan interest and little support from major critics, The Wonderful 101 will likely slip into obscurity and never be heard from again…sigh…

HOWEVER…I think that the merits of The Wonderful 101 can be reintroduced in new and exciting ways on the Smash Bros field of battle.  While it’s not exactly the same situation, Marth and Roy were virtual nobodies in the eyes of Western audiences until they were featured in Melee.  Putting Wonder Red into Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS has the potential to reinvigorate interest in The Wonderful 101, perhaps spurring gamers to give the game a chance and convince Platinum to keep the IP in mind for future endeavors.  That would make me very happy, since I consider The Wonderful 101 one of the only truly unique games in the Wii U’s library.

Putting all that hidden agenda crap aside, Wonder Red would make a kickass combatant!  Just think of the fighting potential present in the “Unite Morph” powers he has at his disposal; Unite Hand, Unite Tombstone, Unite Rocket, Unite Guts, Unite Glider…and those are just the powers he can access himself.  If Wonder Blue (or any of the other main characters from TW101) jumped into the fray, players would have access to Unite Sword, Whip, Gun, Hammer, etc.  Hell, if Nintendo decided to follow Ness rules, Wonder Red could use the other Wonderful team member’s moves himself (if that flew right over your head, I’m referring to the fact that Ness can use PK powers in Smash Bros that he couldn’t use in Earthbound).  The moves are flashy, powerful, and varied enough that Nintendo could cherry pick whatever they wanted when tooling Wonder Red for combat.  For standard attacks, you’ve got your punches and kicks, and perhaps some of the minor Unite Morphs for Smash Attacks (example, Unite Hand for Smash Forward or Unite Spikes for Smash Down).  Wonder Red’s Special Moves could look something like this (just as an example):

  • Neutral B: Unite Hammer
    • This would be a chargeable move, that gains strength and size the longer you hold down B. The effect of the move could function like DK’s Giant Punch.
  • Up B: Unite Rocket
    • This would obviously be the recovery move. It would make sense to have it function like Diddy’s Rocket Barrel Blast, except it would always fly straight up, as it did in TW101.
  • Side B: Unite Whip
    • Wonder Pink’s whip could attack in the same manner as Zero Suit Samus’ Plasma Whip, or perhaps even like Marth/Lucina’s Dancing Blade with directional input. It could even have an edge-grabbing ability.
  • Down B: Unite Guts
    • This would be a counter move. However, not only would it counter physical assaults, it could also reflect projectiles.
  • Final Smash: Unite Combo Barrage!
    • This would just be the rest of the Wonderful 101 joining in to unleash Unite Hell all over the damn place. Unite Sword, Unite Gun, Unite Claw, Unite Big, and finally…Unite Bomb.

And those are just tertiary brainstorms.  Nintendo has a veritable cornucopia of combat options to choose from.  He’d be a flashy, bombastic addition to the colorful cast of Super Smash Bros, and I honestly believe he’s the best choice.  You’ve seen the evidence for Shovel Knight, and now I implore you to consider this; Shovel Knight had sex with his secretary and doesn’t know the definition of the word “is.”

So do the right thing before October 3rd…VOTE FOR WONDER RED IN SMASH!

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