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Dungeons and Dragons MOVIE!! ….here we go again. Dungeons and Dragons MOVIE!! ….here we go again.


Dungeons & Dragons: the movie. I know, I know, instant shivers and flashbacks of seeing the awful 2010 movie and the subsequent sequels, but this time we have been promised something different, and we just might get it. Hasbro, owner of D&D, have come to an agreement with Warner Bros and Sweetpea productions to create the new movie. Sweetpea is the studio that brought us the awful 2010 movie, but they are now under Warner Bros studios, giving this new movie the money and power that comes from being such a giant in the movie industry. Along with this, Roy Lee (How to Train Your Dragon and the Lego Movie) will be producing the script penned by screenwriter David Leslie Johnson. There is no release date as of yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that Warner and Hasbro won’t roll a one.

Currently the only thing we do know at this point this point is that movie will be taking place in the Forgotten Realms setting of D&D. If you are a fan of the FR setting then you know how much of a rich world and history is in the setting. We’ll all have to wait and see where they go with this movie.


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