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Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy mode revealed Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy mode revealed


In Star wars Battlefront, there are many different types of multiplayer modes, one in particular being Supremacy mode. Supremacy mode falls into the Heroes and Villains fight category. The objective of Supremacy mode is to gain control of all five, or the majority, or the control points that are scattered around the map before the 10 minute round is over. Each team starts the round with 2 points under their control, fighting over the one in the center. Once control of the fifth point is determined, then the points need to be claimed in a set order, meaning the action will be at two points at a time – one for each team.

Almost all vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront will be available, so keep an eye out for TIE fighters and X-Wings assisting from the sky. Heroes and Villains that we are familiar with, like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, will also be joining the fight, and their unique abilities will assist your team in different ways.

Supremacy will also offer the largest fighting grounds in the game. Luckily, you will always spawn close to the action in Supremacy, so you will feel like you aren’t missing out on too much of the action by having to run to the fight.

This is only one of the modes that Star Wars Battlefront will have to offer in multiplayer format, and it sounds pretty epic. If all of them are this awesome, this game will appeal to very many different types of gamers. Im excited, are you?

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