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Bearded Ryu is the best Ryu Bearded Ryu is the best Ryu

bearded ryu


Don’t be mistaken, the new bearded Ryu in the “Battle Costume” pre-order skin for Street Fighter V is not actually me, it is Ryu with a beard, but I can see why the confusion.  Other Characters in Street Fighter V have pre-order battle costumes, but Ryu reminds me of me, so that is what we are going to show!

To get the other skins, you have to pre-order the game from different places, because we all love having to pre-order the game from 20 different places just to get all the content! *lots and lots of sarcasm should be implied here…* For the bearded Ryu, you would need to order from Game Stop, but if you want any of the others, you can look at the list included, so that you know where to get your exclusive character skins.


bearded ryu 2


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