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Better with a Beard: 5 Video Game Characters Who Would Benefit from Facial Hair
Beards.  They’re scientifically proven to help make anyone go from hopeless ninny to unabashed badass.  Look to your neighborhood lumberjacks, UFC fighters, homeless people, Greek Gods…all of whom are the epitome of cool, thanks to their epic facial locks of love.  Ask the great Chuck Norris or the incomparable... Read more
Flagrant Speculation: Why Zelda U Could (and should) Be Zelda NX
As Nintendo forewarned, “Zelda U” was absent from this year’s Digital Event and E3 show floor.  Disappointing, of course, but we all had time to brace ourselves prior to the presentation.  Still, one has to wonder;  why was the game excluded from this year’s E3 when it was given... Read more
Total War meets Warhammer Fantasy
It’s like a marriage made in pain, destruction, and death… I love it. Sega and Games Workshop are partnering to bring the Warhammer Fantasy series to the Total war strategy genre.   As a fan of the Warhammer series this seems like the perfect fit. There has been mods... Read more
Vote for Wonder Red!
Smash fans are well aware at this point that Nintendo has asked for our suggestions regarding potential New Challengers.  By going here, we’ve been given the opportunity to finally have our voices heard in an official capacity.  Finally, all of our nerdy begging and dreaming is going to actually... Read more
Frag Interviews Hilary Craven from Solar Crusader
Hilary Craven, one of the people behind Solar Crusader, sat down with The Frag to discuss the game and the kickstarter. Give it a listen and then go contribute!   Don’t forget to check out there website here and Their Kickstarter here.   You can get more information on... Read more
Pac-Man on Google Maps? Yes please.
Ever wanted to play Pac-Man on a New York City block? How about Los Angeles? Well now you can thanks to Google. Go to Google Maps, look for an spot with lots of roads, maybe Chicago, and click the Pac-Man icon on the bottom left, then enjoy. Have fun and remember…ghosts... Read more
Fans and Video Game Trailer Music: We Know Better?
When it comes to building hype and getting the adrenaline flowing, there’s little else in the gaming world that cranks up the intensity like good scoring.  Lately, though, it seems that fans have been more aggressive in their dissatisfaction with company’s choices for both in-game music and promotional scoring. ... Read more