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Tie Fighter the… anime?
Why wait for Star Wars Episode VII when you can check out Star Wars Tie Fighter…. the anime short film? Some wicked 80’s style anime but anime all the same.   Would you like to skip the movie and have more of this? Are we crazy to even ask such... Read more
Industrial and Realistic Batman suit.
Jackson Gordon, a student out of Philadelphia University, has created the ultimate and realistic Batman suit. Not only does this costume make for excellent cosplay but it’s very effective attackers. While it won’t stop bullets it can withstand punches, machetes, knife thrusts, and baseball bats, all of which have been tested... Read more
Untapped Potential: Majora and the Fierce Deity
Throughout the Zelda series, there are a number of gods and spirits that are responsible for how Hyrule (and the other realms) are shaped in addition to the three known goddesses.  Zephos and Cyclos, for example, are god/demigods responsible for monitoring the wind in The Wind Waker.  The Great... Read more
Hipster Tuesday: Testosterone-Fuelled Rampages, Dour Children, and All-Out Rock Fury
After a brief holiday hiatus, we’ve returned.  Hey, it’s tough work eating baked goods and opening presents, we can’t be bothered to blog whilst engaging in such vital activities. Speaking of hiatuses, can you guess who’s back? That’s right, it’s the one and only TW! He has no doubt... Read more
Hipster Tuesday: Robot Grabber Arm and Mom Grabber Santa Clause (originally published in December)
Happy Holiday’s, Hipsters and sellouts.  We return to draw your attention to some more delightfully weird and wonderful treasures of the unknown.  We have a duo of Holiday slasher movies for you this time, in addition to a charming little RPG whose title almost escaped me while brainstorming for... Read more
One writer from Quara’s thoughts on JRPG vs WRPG
While scrolling through Quora, like I’m loft to do, I ran across this article by Feifei Wang, a Top Writer last year. The question was on the differences between a Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) and a Western Role Playing Game (WRPG). Final Fantasy or Dragon Age? Tales of Vesperia or Divinity:... Read more
Untapped Potential: The Demon Army
It’s been some time, but I’ve finally decided to return to Untapped Potential.  For those that have been eagerly awaiting the next installment, I apologize for the delay.  The wait is over! Untapped Potential has thus far taken closer looks at specific moments/characters in the Zelda Universe.  This time... Read more