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Hipster Tuesday: Interstellar Warfare, Late-Night Thrillers, and Thrash Done Right
Welcome back to Hipster Tuesday, loyal readers.  We pull from deep within our Hipster pockets this week to highlight more obscure material you can file away in your ever-growing hippocampal filing cabinet.  Light your pipes and put on your aviators once again…here we go. tstitan: Zone of the Enders:... Read more
Smash Photography: The Action Pages
Few things in recent memory have brought me as much joy as catching the perfect snapshot while watching replays of people getting destroyed by yours truly (in the realm of video games, that is).  This collection features shots that are more dynamic than the ones featured in the last... Read more
Hipster Tuesday: Old School Shmupin’, Dust Bowl Wanderin’, and Concept Album…um…Somethin.’
Welcome back, Hipsters and Sell-Outs.  This month, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming, despite the fun we had with our Horror selections last month.  Gather round as we regale you with selections from times gone by, some recent and some before some of you were born.  Remember,... Read more
Hipster Tuesday: Maniacally Macabre Miscellany
At last, we have reached the final Horror-Themed Hipster Tuesday.  This month has been a terrifying endeavor in bringing you the greatest of all Hipster Halloweeny Hootenany.  We’ll close out this ghoulish month with some very special selections for you…and just in time. …I’m running out of ideas for... Read more
The Curious Case of Captain Falcon
  It’s no secret that I love Captain Falcon.  Ever since the first Super Smash Bros, he’s been among my favorite video game personalities.  His over-the-top machismo, affinity for flaming close-quarter combat, god-like physique (no homo tho)…and who’s more quoted than Captain Falcon in the Nintendo Universe?  Link, maybe?... Read more
Hipster Tuesday: Hellishly Horrendous Hootenanny
We’re almost ready to wrap up October, and we still have a few Halloweeny gems to share.  The macabre and the kooky have no doubt caused you to lose some sleep in the last few weeks, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Making sure you never sleep... Read more
Round two…snapshot! Though the 3DS version includes features superior to it’s bigger brother (like Smash Run), it’s tough to deny one thing; The Wii U version is much prettier.  Having been through the technically unimpressive years of the Wii, it’s constantly surprising just how gorgeous Smash Bros Wii U... Read more