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Frag’s Top 5 Games of E3
Horizon Zero Dawn The game appears to take place in a post Post apocalyptic world where robots roam the land like gazelle. You see the main character sneak up on the robotic “animals” in order to gather resources from them. The game look fantastic and is a whole new... Read more
Josh’s Top Five Games of E3
I feel like this game does not get the attention it deserves. A sequel to the surprise cult hit, Xenoblade, Xenoblade Chronicles follows a homeless humanity as they land on a brand new world and attempt to create a home among the hostile monsters and aliens of this world.... Read more
Atlas’ Top 5 Games of E3
Last Guardian A triumphant return to a game that was potentially lost in development hell! I don’t really need to talk about this one. The trailer speaks for itself. Hopefully now we’ll see a steady stream of updates until its release! Love the style, the gameplay looks great, and... Read more
Total War: Warhammer #E32015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Dawn Engine Tech Demo #E32015
#StarCitizen at the #E32015 PC Gaming Show
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam #E32015