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Satoru Iwata we will miss you
Nintendo announced today that President Satoru Iwata passed on July 11th, age 55, due to a bile duct growth. They have stated that Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto with share his roles or representative director and senior managing director. There have been many ups and downs for Nintendo during... Read more
  Batman: Arkham Knight is full of glitches on the PC, and, in a report from Kotaku that cites multiple anonymous sources, WB and Rocksteady actually knew about these problems for a long while and still decided to release the game. They apparently had a hard time dealing with... Read more
The New Ghostbusters revealed
New Ghostbusters. Enough said. For those of you who don’t think so, here is a picture with their proton packs in front of the car. Even though most of the marketing for this movie has been done through social media instead of official trailers, it really seems to be... Read more
Star Marines indefinite delay
Star Marine, the first person shooter module from Star Citizen, has been put on indefinite delay due to technical and game play issues. The multiple modules that make up Star Citizen, like Arena Commander, have come out on time for Star Citizens playable beta, which is leading up to... Read more
Street Fighter 5 …One is not like the other.
Capcom has confirmed it; Ken Masters is coming to Street Fighter 5, which is being released Spring of 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. This time around, they are doing their best to separate Ken from his counterpart Ryu. In SF5, Ken will not be wearing his signature... Read more
Steam summer sale results for 2015
We can finally see the benefits of the Steam sales! Steam has a new program that tracks sales, called SteamSpy, and it has only been live for a few months, with the Summer Sale being its first real test and the results have been interesting to see. The winner... Read more
Frag’s Top 5 Games of E3
Horizon Zero Dawn The game appears to take place in a post Post apocalyptic world where robots roam the land like gazelle. You see the main character sneak up on the robotic “animals” in order to gather resources from them. The game look fantastic and is a whole new... Read more