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New game from the makers of Bastion – coming May 20th! Read more
Cortana takes on Siri

Cortana takes on Siri

News April 3, 2014 0

While rumors have been flying since Microsoft announced they were working on their own digital assistant (Think Siri for Iphone) they have finally confirmed what many have speculated: Cortana, of Halo fame, will be the official voice of the Windows Phone. Cortana will work entirely by voice and will... Read more
Hardcore Casual Gamer Bought out by Myspace
In a surprise announcement from Justin Timberlake, Myspace will be buying out the Hardcore Casual Gamer website. Justin Timberlake, affectionately referred to as Just Tim by his friends, is best known for his role in the early 90’s mickey mouse show. He since raised to prominence with his all white Boys to Men... Read more
Phil Spencer Takes Over Xbox Division
In an announcement by Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, Phil Spencer will now be taking over as head of everything Xbox. Phil has had a long career at Microsoft starting in 2008 when he was named to General Manager of Microsoft Game Studios. In his new position... Read more
Un-Bear-able Fun!

Un-Bear-able Fun!

News March 25, 2014 0

Ever wanted to be a bear? Me neither! But now you can in Farjay Studio’s new “Bear Simulator”! This indie’s KickStarter was successfully funded and has blown past it’s goal by $14,000; and there’s still 22 days left to get in on that action! You roam the wilds with... Read more
5th character for Street Fighter 4 announced
The 5th character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been announced. Decapre will be available to play along with Hugo, Poison, Elena, and Rolento. Who is Decapre you ask? She is one of Bison’s “dolls” or as she is more commonly known as…. Cammy with a mask. Capcom is... Read more
Project Spark Beta is now live
  The Project Spark beta for Xbox one and PC has now officially gone live. If you are interested in the beta PC users can head to www.ProjectSpark.com to pick up a beta key and Xbox One users can just head to the Xbox Shop and download. Project Spark... Read more