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Crackdown 3 First Look!
  Ready to destroy the world? Well, you can! In Crackdown 3 that is, according to the promotional trailer that was just released at Gamescom 2015. Like the original release back in 2007, it is an open world game that gives you super-hero like posers and allows you to... Read more
Last Fantastic Four trailer
The latest and last trailer for Fantastic Four. Read more
Suicide Squad trailer reveal
The first official trailer for the new Suicide Squad movie, due to us in August of 2016, has been released after SDCC. It references batman, superman, and looks awesome in its own right. I look forward to seeing more teasers and the movie itself! Watch the trailer below:   Read more
Leaked Deadpool Trailer Comic Con
Heads up. The video quality is not great but as this is a leaked trailer… enjoy.       Read more
Total War: Warhammer #E32015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Dawn Engine Tech Demo #E32015
#StarCitizen at the #E32015 PC Gaming Show