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Atlas’ Top 5 Games of E3
Last Guardian A triumphant return to a game that was potentially lost in development hell! I don’t really need to talk about this one. The trailer speaks for itself. Hopefully now we’ll see a steady stream of updates until its release! Love the style, the gameplay looks great, and... Read more
Flagrant Speculation: Why Zelda U Could (and should) Be Zelda NX
As Nintendo forewarned, “Zelda U” was absent from this year’s Digital Event and E3 show floor.  Disappointing, of course, but we all had time to brace ourselves prior to the presentation.  Still, one has to wonder;  why was the game excluded from this year’s E3 when it was given... Read more
Total War: Warhammer #E32015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Dawn Engine Tech Demo #E32015
#StarCitizen at the #E32015 PC Gaming Show
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam #E32015
Killing Floor 2 – Gameplay (PC Gaming Show) #E32015