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Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 19: Beer Battered Fish
? Join the Hardcore Casual Team as we discuss the Phil Fish debacle, the cancellation of Fez II, and the vitriolic state of the gaming industry. Most importantly we manage to crowbar Inafune into the discussion, again. Stay tuned after the Outro for “Oprah” style after the show special... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 18: Post Pax Prime Wrap Up
? Finally back from our trip at Pax Prime the Hardcore Casual Team is ready to recap this beast and call it a quest complete! Join us as we talk about the upcoming games you should play, which panels were worth attending, and the big news from Inafune. Also... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 17: Movie Based Games
? After a far too long hiatus we are back and better than ever! Now with a new episode about… Movie Based Games? Really?! Okay I take back the better than ever comment… In this episode we discuss the best and worst of movie based video games. Learn about... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 16: E3 Wrap Up
? Join a very exhausted Hardcore Casual Gamer Team as we embark down the road of E3 Trailers. Hear which games caught our fancy, how little we care about Killer Instinct, and which game convinced us to buy a Wii U. (Hint: Nothing…) Check out our Facebook page for... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 15: Xbox and Sony E3 Press Conference
? E3 is here and we are thrilled about all the new games. Join the Hardcore Casual team as we give you our breakdown of the Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation Conferences. Who won, which games were our favorites, and what did they miss. We give you all the... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 14: Miscon
? The Hardcore Casual Crew speant Memorial Day out in Missoula Montana for Miscon. A celebration for fantasy writing, board game enthusiasts, and cross dressing. Join us as we discuss our favorite activities at Miscon, the new board games we got to try, and which overly sugared drink was... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 13: Xbox One Reveal
? The Hardcore Casual Team weighs in on Tuesday’s Xbox One Reveal. Our initial thoughts, biggest concerns, favorite feature and a whole lot of Matt screaming “PC Master Race! PC Master Race!” Need more ways to hear from us? Check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/hardcorecasualgamer Or check our Twitter... Read more