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? Join the Hardcore Casual Podcast as we discuss the games we are currently playing, the games we are excited for in 2013, and misogyny. Oh the tangents… An apology for Brad’s audio. He had an issue with his microphone so if it sounds like he is a robot... Read more
? Join in our Bioshock episode as we discuss the merits of objectivism, Andrew Ryan’s utopia, and our favorite way to take out Big Daddy. Man Bioshock was a fantastic game. Anything that leads to Brad’s discussion of murder hands is got to be good. Would you kindly, hurry... Read more
? Join the Hardcore Casual Podcast team as we take a special look into the Touch Screen Experience. Learn why you shouldn’t get fighting games on the Iphone, why Kingdom Hearts sucks, and the origin of Brad’s Tweets. Special thanks to our guest podcaster Producer Jacob and his great... Read more
? This is our Games to Play 2012 podcast. We are not about lists around here. It’s just a good old fashioned shotgun blast of the best games of 2012. Shooters, RPGs, and┬áPomeranians? Read more
? ┬áThis week the Hardcore Casual Podcast explores the games that never made it. A discussion on big named title that were cut before they ever made it out. Also, Rule 34… Don’t ask. Read more
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