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Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon Review
If I haven’t said it enough, Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best games I played last year. So when they finally announced a brand new story expansion I jumped at the chance to travel with my companions one more time. For those who want nothing more than... Read more
Dragon Age: Inquisition Review <p> <i>The Best RPG in Years!<i>
Every reviewer hits a dilemma when it comes time to score a game. Do I reserve the top score for the mythical “perfect game” or does top score mean that this is a game I recommend without hesitation? For me it is the latter and I have no qualms in... Read more
Dice Age Games was kind enough to host HCG as we partake of the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition game. We at HCG want to thank Roy for giving us the opportunity to play our game which you can find in the link below. Don’t forget to take... Read more

The Future was wrong.

Pictures October 12, 2014 0

They all look way better in real life, even Biff. Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Ep 45: Post E3 and Goodbye
? Join our Hardcore Casual Crew as we talk about the big E3 trends, what our favorite trailers, and biggest surprise. Also, stay tuned for the end to find out which our crew falls in battle. If you want to send condolences and your favorite E3 moments you can... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 41: E3 Predictions 2014
? E3 is literally days away and the Hardcore Casual Crew has come together to give you our best predictions for this year’s event. What games are we hoping to see? What does Xbox and Nintendo need to do? and Will we ever see Last Guardian ever again? We... Read more
Dragon Age: Inquisition ….and Dragons
On the subject of Dragons in the anticipated upcoming release, Dragon Age Inquisition, Producer Camron Lee has stated that, “When I’m attacking a dragon, I’m not just hitting all of it. I’m hitting its leg, I’m hitting its wing, and that should matter. It should matter where I attack... Read more