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Dungeons and Dragons MOVIE!! ….here we go again.
Dungeons & Dragons: the movie. I know, I know, instant shivers and flashbacks of seeing the awful 2010 movie and the subsequent sequels, but this time we have been promised something different, and we just might get it. Hasbro, owner of D&D, have come to an agreement with Warner... Read more
Last Fantastic Four trailer
The latest and last trailer for Fantastic Four. Read more
Found on Imgur. Go upvote the original poster. Read more
Batman V Superman teaser trailer
Watch the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice teaser trailer. Are you looking forward to the movie or dreading it? Let us know in the comments below. Read more
Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – Trailer 3
    Are you looking forward to the new Avengers movie? Let us know. Read more
Deadpool movie update

Deadpool movie update

NewsNote January 19, 2015 2

So if you haven’t heard already Ryan Reynolds will be playing as Deadpool in the “heroes” fist stand alone movie. This however will be the second time Reynolds will be playing as Deadpool… we can only hope this one better than the last time. The Deadpool, Wade Wilson, or... Read more
Guardians of the Galaxy dance off outtake
Don’t miss out of this Guardians of the Galaxy dance off outtake and more December 9th on Blu ray.   And of course you can get your pre-order your copy on Amazon. (source: Geek Girls, Buzzfeed, and Dinnydinnydinny) Read more