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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review <br> <i>Dark, Twisted Fun<i>
The original Binding of Isaac was released in 2011 and was a sort of pallet cleanser for creator Edmund McMillen (of Super Meat Boy fame). After the two year development cycle of his previous game, Binding of Isaac was a flurry of creativity and artistic freedom. A game conceived,... Read more
Dragon Age: Inquisition Review <p> <i>The Best RPG in Years!<i>
Every reviewer hits a dilemma when it comes time to score a game. Do I reserve the top score for the mythical “perfect game” or does top score mean that this is a game I recommend without hesitation? For me it is the latter and I have no qualms in... Read more
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review
The Remake of a Masterpiece To this day I still get goose bumps when that music starts. The swelling sound of monks chanting, the image of the halo ring coming into view, and then the amazing guitar riff: Dun dun dun duhhhh, dun dun dun duhhhh… The Master Chief... Read more