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Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy mode revealed
In Star wars Battlefront, there are many different types of multiplayer modes, one in particular being Supremacy mode. Supremacy mode falls into the Heroes and Villains fight category. The objective of Supremacy mode is to gain control of all five, or the majority, or the control points that are... Read more

Jedi With a GoPro

Videos July 17, 2015 0

Ever wondered what it would be like if a Jedi strapped a GoPro to their head and fought the empire? Take on a bunch of StormTroopers? Maybe a Tie Fighter? Well wonder no more thanks to Bill Parker and his Jedi With a GoPro video. Check it out.   Read more
Star Wars Battlefront – Sony #E32015
Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer gameplay #E32015
So it’s once again the May 4th, aka Star Wars day. To celebrate why don’t we share our favorite Star Wars gaming experience. Was it when you joined the dark side in Knights of the Old Republic and persuaded Zaalbar to kill Mission to prove his loyalty? Or when you... Read more
Tie Fighter the… anime?
Why wait for Star Wars Episode VII when you can check out Star Wars Tie Fighter…. the anime short film? Some wicked 80’s style anime but anime all the same.   Would you like to skip the movie and have more of this? Are we crazy to even ask such... Read more