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Ark: Survivor Evolved and more free weeked
FREE GAMES! Well, kind of. This weekend only, Steam will have at least 4 games free for you to play, with a huge discount if you decide that you would actually like to buy. The four games included are ARK: Survival Evolved, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2,... Read more
Steam summer sale results for 2015
We can finally see the benefits of the Steam sales! Steam has a new program that tracks sales, called SteamSpy, and it has only been live for a few months, with the Summer Sale being its first real test and the results have been interesting to see. The winner... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 37: Steam Stats
? Join the Hardcore Casual Crew as we review some of the biggest news stories of the week. From Marty O’Donnel being forced out of bungie, to PS4’s continue dominance in the face of Titanfall, and we even breakdown some surprising metrics from Steam. This is know the host... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 36: News and Emails
? Join the Hardcore Casual Crew as we finally go thru our backlog of listener emails. And I have to say you people ask some weird questions. We also cover this weeks news, including an update on Titanfall, what’s new with Star Citizen, and a whole slew of Super... Read more
Hardcore Casual Podcast Episode 26: Steam Retrospect
? In an attempt to appease the insatiable Matt Wilkinson we have finally finished our Steam Retrospect. So stop sending us threatening letters. We cover everything from Half Life 2 to Steam Greenlight, Early Access to Buying Hats. We cover everything this amazing platform has given us. And stay... Read more