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Racing for Rupees

Racing for Rupees Hot

Videos September 13, 2015 0

An amazing Zelda video by Callegos-Y.   Read more
Majora’s Mask 3DS Review
After the beautiful remake of Ocarina of Time, fans have been requesting a return of the cult classic Majora’s Mask. Nintendo has acquiesced and created a fantastic remake that addresses some of the more annoying aspects of MM but leaves the original games oddity and break from traditional formula.... Read more
Untapped Potential: Majora and the Fierce Deity
Throughout the Zelda series, there are a number of gods and spirits that are responsible for how Hyrule (and the other realms) are shaped in addition to the three known goddesses.  Zephos and Cyclos, for example, are god/demigods responsible for monitoring the wind in The Wind Waker.  The Great... Read more
Untapped Potential: The Demon Army
It’s been some time, but I’ve finally decided to return to Untapped Potential.  For those that have been eagerly awaiting the next installment, I apologize for the delay.  The wait is over! Untapped Potential has thus far taken closer looks at specific moments/characters in the Zelda Universe.  This time... Read more
Man stabbed by Master Sword
A man was stabbed by a replica master sword in a domestic dispute in the Katy and is in critical condition. Ok… now as terrible as this is….. this article has the BEST quotes. “The ex-husband was taken to hospital following the altercation, but not before he, in true... Read more
Untapped Potential: The Hero of Winds
Untapped Potential: The Hero of Winds It’s been a while, but here we are with only the fourth entry into this series of blogs conceived to dig deeper into the existing narrative lore present in The Legend of Zelda franchise and explore what the future might hold.  In the... Read more
Man I forgot how awesome this video is. Zelda timeline can be so confusing. You need to go check out other 3GI videos. Read more